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Export of food products & building materials with main focus on rice, sugar and cement

Charda Sugar

Charda ICUMSA 45 fine white sugar, packaged in 50kg bags, is a specially processed sugar grade used by pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, other manufacturing companies etc., that helps them deliver quality products to their markets with the desired sweetness derived from Charda Sugar.

Product specification

Raw Sugar OriginBrazil
SpecificationsVitamin A Fortified Refined Granulated White Sugar
Polarization%Not Less Than 99.9
Moisture % by wt0.04% max
GranulationFine, 100% Soluble Dry and Free Flowing
ColorSparking White, less than ICUMSA 45
Odour and TasteOdourless, Sweet Pure Taste
Packaging50Kg net, extended package sizes: 250g, 500g and 1kg. Durable Polyproylene bags lined with polyethylene