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Export of food products & building materials with main focus on rice, sugar and cement

Products specification


1. Portland cement , white cement (A) mp 75 – all kinds of lime . (TCVN)
– Quality of Cement as per TCVN 6260 – 2009

2. European standard (EN)
– Certificate I -EN 197-1.2000 – CEM II 42,5 R
– Certificate II – En 197-1.2000 CEM II 42,5N
– Certificate III – EN 197-1.2000 CEM I 42,5R

3. American standard (ASTM)
– ASTM C150 TYPE-1

4.SGS certificate

1. Quality of Clinker CPC 50 as per TCVN 7024 – 2002
2. Quality of Clinker ASTM C150-2a
3. SGS Certificate of Clinker

Minimum is to place an order 5,000 MTN.
We only supply 12,500-24,000 MTN Of CHARDA Portland Cement European standard R/N & N type for tropical region.
And other upon specification.
Of all kinds of cement.

Other product is upon request. Other products are titles electrical equipment.
Holcim. Alesd cement future 2 417022 Chistag, Com. Astileu Bihor Rom C. U. I. 12253732
C. I. F. RO12253732 share capital
205.268.057 lei
In partnership with CHARDA BVBA Belgium (world leading distribution).

1. Unique code for the identification of the product-type:
197-1 – EMF II/A-LL 42.5R
No CPR – 003 – AE
Holcim (Romania) TO
cement Chistag Alesd,
year 08 CPR Bihor County – 003 – AE

2. Type, lot or serial number or any other factor which allows the identification of the construction product such as is required in Article 11 paragraph (4): PORTLAND CEMENT with scale EN 197-1 – EMF II/A-LL 42.5 R

3. Use or uses envisaged of the construction product, In accordance with applicable harmonized technical specification, as provided for by the manufacturer : SR EN 197-1:2011 AM scale PORTLAND CEMENT with EN 197-1- EMF II/A-LL 42.5R Preparation concrete, mortar and grout, etc performance declared in accordance with standard for cement preparation of concrete, mortar, pulp and other mixtures for civil engineering and for the manufacture of construction products.
4. Name, business name or trade mark social and contact address of the manufacturer, such as required under Article 11 paragraph (5): Holcim (Romania), cement Alesd, with its head office in: Chistag . Bihor county 5.

5. Where appropriate, the name and address of a contact point of his authorized representative whose term covers the powers specified in Article 12 paragraph (2): it is not

6. The system or systems of assessment and verification the constant performance of the construction product, such as is provided for in Annex V: 1+ 7.

7. in the case of the Declaration of performance relating to a building product covered by a harmonised standard: AEROQ-notified certification body by the European Commission for attestation of the conformity of products for building identification number 1840 he performed: (i) determination of the product-type on the basis of type testing (including sampling), type calculation, tabulated values or based on the descriptive documentation of the product (ii) initial inspection of factory and of factory production control (iii) monitoring and evaluation of the production control in (iv) audit-testing of samples taken prior to introduction the product on the market. under the system of assessment and verification of constancy of performance of construction product, 1, and issuing the certificate of conformity: 1840-DPC- 97/555/EC/0229-08

8. Essential Performance Characteristics declared declared harmonized technical Specification For the initial outlet [min.] minimum Stability (expansion) 60 [mm] max. 3 Resistance to compression: initial [MPa] min. 24 EN 197-1: 2011 Resistance to compression: standard [MPa] min. 46 Sulfates content (in the form of SO3) [%] max. 4 Content of chlorides [%] max. 0.1

9. The performance of the product identified in paragraphs 1 and 2 shall be in accordance with the declared performance of point 8. This Declaration of performance is issued under the sole responsibility of the manufacturer identified in section 4. Signed for and on behalf of the manufacturer: Kevin Hughes, Director of the Aba, 01.07.2013